PARVA. Accounts receivable management

Our managers manage billing and adminis-ter unpaid invoices while representing your interests and maintaining strong relation-ships with your customers.
Keep control of the sales process in your hands even after invoicing – our PARVA so-lution provides the tools you need to moni-tor statuses of invoices, prevent and man-age late payments.

We know how important relationships and mutual trust between people are. Each cli-ent who uses the AR management service PARVA is assigned a manager who becomes his ambassador in relations with debtors. PARVA manager will evaluate your clients’ portfolio and its possible segmentation, then apply different rules to different seg-ments, strengthen relationships with im-portant customers, and monitor riskier cus-tomers more closely.

PARVA combines several areas into one:

  • Administration of outstanding invoices – reminders before the due date.
  • Reminder service – Daily actions by buyer category, payment reminders by email,SMS, and manager’s calls before and after the due date.
  • Transfer for debt collection – automatic and / or according to the client’s request.

PARVA on-line reports are available at the buyer and / or buyer group level 24 hours a day.