Skolų išieškojimas

If the buyer of your goods or services does not pay on time, does not respond to reminders – delegate amicable – pre legal debt collection actions to us. Wherever your debtor is – in Lithuania or any other country – we will provide the highest quality debt collection services

Managing late payments is usually an unpleasant problem that is often left unsolved avoiding completely losing the client. However, the only constructive way to respond to delays in payments is to take the necessary steps to get the debt repaid as soon as possible. This protects the company against chronic debts and promptly checks the client’s goodwill or ability to pay the incurred debts.

Delegating this process to a CCS team means that you will be represented by experienced professionals who know how to successfully and correctly achieve debt settlements of varying complexity. Proper management of late payments can in many cases help to completely avoid litigation. In exceptional cases where the situation requires the involvement of a court, CCS will recommend its partner lawyers to represent your rights and interests and help you get the debt repaid in court.

CCS – Customers Care Services represents the client in solving issues related to debtors without prior fees. After signing the contract, we:

  • Promptly start the search for a debtor,
  • Send claims to the debtor,
  • Analyse debtor‘s financial situation,
  • Initiate a pursuit for company assets.

We carry out ammicable debt collection not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. CCS is part of TCM Group, one of the largest credit management companies, and can provide debt collection services in any country in the world through an extensive network of partners.