Our services

PARVA. Accounts receivable management

Our managers manage billing and adminis-ter unpaid invoices while representing your interests and maintaining strong relation-ships with your customers.

Debt collection

If the buyer of your goods or services doesn’t pay on time, doesn’t respond to re-minders - delegate amicable (pre legal) debt collection actions to us. Wherever your debtor is - in Lithuania or any other country - we will provide the highest quality debt collection services

Unmanaged payments become a risk to business continuity

No matter in what stage of development your business is, its success is determined not only by sales volumes, but also by the ability to properly manage receivables and ensure smooth payments. Late payments from clients prevent your business from growing as fast and as confidently as it could, and in exceptional cases can lead to serious challenges.
Customer lending hinders your own cash flows, so we always encourage you to avoid this practice and to avoid becoming a bank for your customers. CCS team makes every effort to ensure that your invoices are paid on time and delays are effectively man-aged. We strive to achieve this at the lowest cost and while maintaining existing rela-tionships with your customers.